The Federation aims to:

    Promote and encourage allotment gardening in the Borough.
    Build relationships within and between sites so that ideas and experience can be shared.
    Provide information, support and advice to sites considering an Allotment Association.
    Provide information, support and advice to sites considering Voluntary Management.

The Federation was set up formally in July 2003; its members are from other voluntary organisations, each has a KFAG representative.  It currently represents 14 voluntary managed sites (managed by 13 Associations) and 2 horticultural societies.

Council managed sites with a plotholders association may also have a KFAG representative.

The Federation has run allotment promotion stalls at events over the years, including the Green Fair, Kingston May Merrie, Malden Fortnight and the Surbiton Festival.  An allotment leaflet was produced in partnership with Kingston Council.

The Federation works closely with Kingston Council; we introduced the Site Liaison Volunteer scheme and were involved in setting it up.

We were involved in discussions prior to the publication of the Council’s ‘Allotment Strategy’ document and contributed to ensuing reviews. 

In 2008 we successfully negotiated with the Council a ‘model’ lease for new voluntary managed sites and for lease renewals at existing V.M. sites.

In 2010, following discussions with Kingston Road Allotment Association (then a Quadron managed site), we negotiated a “revised new tenancy agreement” with the Council for Quadron’s plotholders. 

 In 2011 KFAG rented 8 half plots, regarded as "unlettable", and started a successful project to return neglected and overgrown plots to productive use by plotholders at Kingston Road.  The project contiued until 2014 when the whole site became voluntary managed.

 A newsletter is produced and distributed to our members, it is also sent to the Site Liaison Volunteers at Council run sites to forward to their plotholders where possible and for display on site.

The Federation is in direct contact with most allotment sites in the Borough, both V.M. and Council managed. This network has proved beneficial to all.

We have produced information sheets about setting up a Plotholders’ Association and Voluntary Management of allotment sites.  We can supply examples of constitutions for Plotholders Associations and details of the main terms to be included in a lease which are available to anyone on request.  The full list of KFAG leaflets is on the Advice page of this website.


Membership of the federation is currently free and open to any organisation in agreement with our objectives.