At first look the plots near to the gate didn't appear too bad, however, on further investigation we discovered that plots 2A and 3A were badly compacted, the soil was airless and lifeless, very difficult to get a spade into although it was not particularly dry.  The lack of vegetation was a concern suggesting that the soil was impoverished and in a poor condition.  Further back on the plots the soil seemed to improve, there was considerably more overgrowth, couchgrass, weeds, some bramble, all the usual culprits you would expect to find on neglected plots, including a few small trees, possibly crack willow, which would have to come out.  There was also a considerable amount of rubble and bricks.  These plots were going to need serious digging and masses of compost/manure to restore their fertility and improve the structure of the soil.

2A 3A - 1

orig plot 34

Plots 2A and 3A in the front of the picture look more like a car park than an allotment.  It was decided that the front ends of these plots could be used for manure and wood chip corrals. 3 panels from the concrete fence were missing, the Council agreed to replace these. There was a large heap of woodchip at the front of plot 34 which would have to be moved before marking out could begin.  

Plot 34 at the far end of the site was visually in a more off-putting state.  The weeds were dense and high and the land uneven.  According to nearby plot holders a lot of rubbish had been dumped there and was concealed by the overgrowth.  It was decided to extend the plot to the fence and divide it across into three half plots.    


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