For expediency, KFAG offered to mark out the project plots.  Quadron Services flailed plot 34 to enable access for marking out.


34 flailed

Plots 34a, b and c flailed in readiness for marking out.

34 marked out

Plots 34a, b and c marked out and ready to let.

2a marked out

The new plot 2a marked out and ready for work to begin. 


 Letting the Plots

The first of the prospective plot holders were contacted by Joan McConn (KFAG) at the beginning of November, they were frankly told the condition of the plots, the time commitment and work involved and the details of the project.  They were then sent an information sheet and asked to consider carefully once they had viewed a plot before deciding to accept.  Some people did not feel capable of dealing with a 'difficult' plot and they remained in their current position on the Quadron site waiting list.  This was to be expected as a difficult plot is not suitable for everyone.


The prospective plot holders were shown the vacant plots by Lucy Launder (the SLV) and Joan McConn, both KFAG committee members.


Information sheets on how to get started on an allotment plot - the use of raised beds, composting and other topics were also available for the new plot holders.


By the 10th December all of the KFAG plots were let and the new plot holders started on the great clear up!


An extraordinary amount of rubbish and rubble was cleared away from the plots.


Quadron Services supplied their trailer to take away the rubbish - it was piled high by the time the job was finished.


Simon, a Kingston Road plotholder, helps load the trailer.                                            Next ......