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 Building corrals 5a


So the day had finally arrived, a joint venture between KFAG (Kingston Federation) and Kingston Road Allotment site to build manure & woodchip corrals was to commence! Careful planning by Dudley, Chairperson of KFAG ensured that the delivery of materials was due the morning of July 14th. I figured a breakfast at “Fatboys café” was in order before the ardours of the day began and was just tucking into my egg, mushroom and beans when I received a call from Dudley to say the delivery was due at 9am, first of the day! After the quickest breakfast ever I walked to the site to meet Dudley and receive the delivery and wait hopefully for volunteers to turn up.




The proposed site had already been marked out by one of our longest holders of a plot, Dickie and what a good job he did too. Unfortunately, even with signs up requesting no woodchip deliveries, some inferior woodchip had been dumped which was the first task in hand and luckily there were willing participants to help level it, namely John, Simon and Patricia.

Now time to worry with Dudley all ready to start with very precise drawings of what was required, and the person I’d nominated as team leader still nowhere to be seen. Also, had not thought to ask what tools were required! Luckily with the arrival of Simon (team leader) and his tools plus a couple of visits by myself home to collect stepladders, hammer and spirit level and we were set to go.




















corrals 3a Building corrals 4a


With Dudley and Simon now well underway measuring the distance between the posts, and the addition of another helper, Virginia digging the holes for the posts, John and I busy sawing the planks of wood int  o the required lengths the top end of the allotment was a hive of industry.The threatened rain carried on threatening but was holding off. We could only watch with admiration Dudley and Simon’s preciseness in measuring distances between the posts and the use of the mallet to hammer the posts into the ground.