Conclusion of the KFAG Project at Kingston Road Allotment site 2011-2014


The KFAG project came to an end in October 2014 when Kngston Road Allotment Association took on the management of the whole site, including the project plots, and became voluntary managed.


The KFAG project started in September 2011 in an attempt to bring back into cultivation 8 half plots then classified as 'unlettable' by Quadron Services due to their overgrown, neglected conditiion.


We contacted people on the Kingston Road waiting list and were very frank about the condition of the plots, impressing upon them the need for hard work and commitment if they were to attain a productive allotment.  Some people declined and preferred to stay on the waiting list for a better plot.  We started off with 8 determined people who were well aware of the difficulties they were taking on.


KFAG monitored progress regularly and advised when needed.  In the first year everyone made a valiant attempt to clear their plot but it soon became apparent that some plotholders were having more success than others.  Generally, it was the people who were able to work their plots regularly, even for only a short time at each visit, who made the most progress.  Time constraints defeated a few who decided to give up, these plots were quickly re-let and continue to be worked.


Looking at the plots now is a pleasure.  All are let; some are now very good, unrecognisable from their sorry state in 2011 and all are being worked to an acceptable standard.  It has been interesting and rewarding for KFAG to see the plotholders' achievements.


At the time of the project Lucy Launder was SLV and was closely involved, "I have been really happy to take an active part in letting and monitoring the KFAG project plots.  This enabled us to have more control over who we were able to let the plots to and thus able to put an appropriate applicant on each of the plots.


It was definitely a turning point in the Kingston Road Allotment site feeling able to take the plunge for Voluntary Management.  We are now able to proudly say that we have a fully let allotment site, what an achievement from only 3-4 years ago when this was not the case!"


There is no doubt that the project was a success, 8 half plots have been returned to cultivation and contribute to the site.  KFAG is convinced that we have demonstrated that with active management, support and encouragement, most, if not all plots, can be recovered and returned to allotment use.