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"When the idea of renting out what are deemed "hard to let plots" through KFAG was first mentioned, the committee members of Kingston Road site and I immediately thought that our allotment site would be perfect to trial this idea as we are working towards Voluntary Management.  The concept behind this idea is very much in line with how we assume things would work if we did become a voluntary managed site.


As Site Liaison Volunteer, working with Quadron to let vacant plots, I have been frustrated by how little control we have as a site over ensuring potential plot holders are suitable to take on the remaining vacant plots which needed a lot of hard work to make the ground suitable for planting.  This meant people keen to take on plots in good condition would be put off by the amount of digging, rubbish removal etc needed and let the plots go after a short time ensuring that these plots haven't been worked properly for another year, resulting in a constant stream of re-lets.


Working closely with KFAG we have managed to let out all vacant "hard to let plots" to keen plot holders who have been told of the possible difficuties ahead and given much support with Gloria, KFAG Secretary, ensuring every plot holder receives an advice booklet on"How to Get Started".


I find it heart-warming to go down to our site and find every plot now being worked, some now completely dug over ready for spring planting after years of looking at plots that were becoming steadily more and more overgrown.  My part in the project I feel is to always be available for advice specific to the site, ensuring there are regular manure deliveries, setting up a seed ordering service where I can get bulk orders at discount prices.  Working with other Kingston Road committee members we are now keen to get our communal plot up and running with a shed currently being built for site meetings."


Lucy Launder, SLV, Kingston Road Allotment Association.