On a grey, miserable day we had a lovely surprise when we visited the site.  Work had started on all of the KFAG plots and some were almost ready for planting.  There had been some serious hard work done already!

2a dug

34 dug

Plot 2b dug over and looking good lots 34,a, b and c - a transformation!

John's Plot

"When we first had an opportunity to view the choice of allotments, I have to admit to being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of undergrowth and weeds.  Cannily, though, I thought we should opt for a plot without trees (I have little knowledge of weeding let alone tree felling).

Little did we know that our chosen plot had been hiding a builder's landfill.  Having dug out numerous wheelbarrows full of rubble, toilet seats, bricks and paving slabs - and a Golden Jubilee mug (in perfect condition), I am pretty certain that the previous tenant had been attempting to convert the allotment into an out-of-town car park.


John's plot 1


John's plot 2

I have to admit, though, it has been fun and I'm thoroughly enjoying the experience.  We've also been fortunate in being able to call on (or exploit) family and friends.  One Saturday I was joined by 8 family members who helped pitch in and clear a good third of the site (amazing what a few Christmas drinks can persuade people to do).  Also, I wasn't ready for how friendly the allotment would be - thank you to Ben and Dickie who have shared some of their strawberry and rhubarb plants with us - much appreciated.  We're now very much looking forward to  kicking off some growing. 


Bizarrely, I'm also itching to start digging the last third of the plot - hopefully with the help of a few family members."

John Gaylor, KFAG project plotholder

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